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Featured publications:

The First Publication on Forensic Assertive Community Treatment:

  • Lamberti JS,  Weisman R, Faden D.  Forensic assertive community treatment: Preventing incarceration of adults with severe mental illness.  Psychiatric Services 55:1285-1293, 2004.

A Theoretical Framework for Preventing Criminal Recidivism Among People With Serious Mental Illness:

  • Lamberti JS.  Understanding and preventing criminal recidivism among adults with psychotic disorders.  Psychiatric Services 58:773-781, 2007.

An Overview of Forensic Assertive Community Treatment in the United States:

  • Lamberti JS, Weisman RL.  “Forensic Assertive Community Treatment:  Origins, Current Practice and Future Directions.  In:  Reentry Planning for Offenders with Mental Disorders: Policy and Practice.  Dlucacz, H, Ed.  Civic Research Institute, Kingston, NJ.   Chapter 7:1-24, 2010

The Role of Probation in Forensic Assertive Community Treatment:

  • Lamberti JS, Deem A, Weisman RL, LaDuke C.  The role of probation in forensic assertive community treatment. Psychiatric Services 62:418-421, 2011.
  • Erickson S, Lamberti JS, Weisman RL, Crilly J, Nihalani N, Stefanovics E, Desai R. Predictors of arrest during forensic assertive community treatment.  Psychiatric Services 60:834-837, 2009.
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  • Lamberti JS.  Preventing criminal recidivism through mental health and criminal justice collaboration.  Psychiatric Services 67: 1206-1212, 2016
  • Lamberti JS, Weisman RL, Cerulli K, Williams GC, Jacobowitz D, Mueser KT, Elliot J, Marks P, Strawderman R, Harrington D, Lamberti TA, Caine ED.  A randomized controlled trial of the Rochester forensic assertive community treatment model.  Psychiatric Services 68:1016-1024, 2017

A Review of Community-Based Interventions for Justice-Involved Adults with Serious Mental Illness:

  • Weisman RL, Lamberti JS, Ciccone JR.  Community-based interventions for justice-involved individuals with serious mental disorders.  In, Principles and Practice of Forensic Psychiatry, Third Edition.  Rosner R, and Scott CL, editors.  CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2017

A Systematic Literature Review of Psychosis, Mania and Criminal Justice System Involvement:

  • Lamberti JS, Katsetos V, Jacobowitz D, Weisman RL.  Psychosis, Mania and Criminal Recidivism:  Associations and Implications for Prevention.  Harvard Review of Psychiatry 28:179-202, 2020

  A New FACT Fidelity Scale:

  • Lamberti JS, Weisman RL.  Essential Elements of Forensic Assertive Community Treatment.  Harvard Review of Psychiatry IN PRESS